Chairman’s Message

Mahaveer Upadhye

Chairman – PABCBA

Warm Regards,

Greetings! Welcome to our college website!

Amrit Mahotsav is churning up a new and resurgent India. It is an opportunity for us all to claim our rightful place in the world and make a bigger impact.

The torch bearers of this resurgence our students / youth are energetic and talented. They are bolder than the earlier generations. They hold greater potential like our great country.

They also face the risk of too many distractions and lack of focus. At our college we want them to learn in the classroom as well as know what is required to win outside the classroom. Our focus is on and beyond the syllabus. We want them to set up challenging goals and know what is changing in our interconnected world. From the sea of overwhelming information around us, we will train them to pick what is important, hone their skills and make them world beaters.

Our focus is on simplicity, common sense including good habits, health, rituals, humility. Engagement with all stakeholders including Industries, Organizations and thought leaders. Group activities and committees will get them a glimpse of real world. They will be ready for any challenge / opportunity.

I am hopeful that both our students and our county will achieve great success!